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FlapAtSpace-----------Deliver the space chocolates you collect in your path to nubulu planet, 20000 light years away from Earth.On the way try to avoid the gravity of planets because it spoils your fuel, but do not worry, you often come across on your route refueling stations.
You can slow your journey, a little, if you pass over chronotounnel.
Destroy the meteors because if you collide with them will directly destroy your spaceship!
Beware of black holes!
Good luck on your mission!
How to play===========Your goal is to travel 20,000 light years delivering as many chocolates you can.
Press anywhere on the screen to push your spaceship upwards.
Tap on chocolates to collect them.
Tap on meteors to launches missiles against them. If an asteroid falls then your spaceship destroyed immediately.
To fill up your fuel pass over the filling station when he appears.
Passes over the chronotounnel to reduce your speed.
You need more than one shot to destroy enemy spaceships.
Tap to start!
FlapAtSpace is opensource program. You can contribute at